Discover Extra Space You Never Knew You Had

Discover Extra Space You Never Knew You Had

Ask us about our organization and space planning services in North Tonawanda, NY and surrounding areas

We know how it goes-you throw items into your closet or bedroom for months thinking you'll get around to arranging it later. But when later never comes, you're left with chaos. There's a simple solution. Schedule organization services from Shimmer And Shine WNY based in North Tonawanda, NY to find peace and clarity in your cluttered home.

Reduce the anxiety caused by messy rooms. Call 716-804-2914 today to enjoy your own personal organization services.

Everything in its proper place

Do you have piles of clothes and knick-knacks with no place to put them? At Shimmer And Shine WNY, we can go further than just simple organization. Trust our space planning services to find an entirely new way to store your belongings. You'll be amazed by how much storage you've had all along.

With the right vision and eye for detail, we can transform your closet, basement, garage and any other room in your home. View our before and after photos to see the kind of work we can do for you.